Sad News

Very sad news today.  I have had to let my baby girl cross over the Bridge today.  She was very sick with no hope of getting better.  If anyone is still following this blog, please say a prayer or two for my baby girl Foxy.  She was very loved and will be missed very much.

—–  Foxy’s  Dad —–


Merry Christmas

It’s been a long time again.  I see over a year.  Daddy has been very standoffish and do any posting to here.  He was also reluctant to do any entries in Cat Scouts either.  He has promised me he will try to do more.

Anyway, we are her to offer anyone still following us a Merry Christmas.  And hopefully we will have a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year before it happens.  If not, let this be that chance.  🙂

Happy New Year


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These pictures Daddy was trying his new phone.  And I was laying at his feet on the blanket.  The floor is cool to the touch of my paws.   You see all those loose threads??  They are my handywork from the all the kneading I do.  I have very sharp claws.  hehehe Daddy likes to call it, Gnoshing.  Well time for us to go, will try to be here more often.

Love ya All,


Sleeping Places

There are some interesting places here for me to sleep.  You have already seen one place that I sleep.  That’s on the back of daddy’s couch.  Now while it is quite comfortable, there are some pitfalls to sleeping there.  If I happen to move too far in one direction, I lose my balance and slide down to the cushion.  If I go in the other direction, I fall on the hard floor.  The cushion is a nice place to land, the floor, not too much.

Then there is the bed that Charles’ mom brought over a couple days after she brought me here.  Daddy decided to put it real close to my food and water, as well as a couple blankets that she brought with me at the same time.   I have been sleeping there a lot of the time.  After all, it’s right next to the place the warm air comes out.  So it is always warm.  Especially now when the snow has started falling again.  I need all the warmth I can get.


And of course there is daddy’s bed.  Both when he is in it and when he is not.  Though most of the time I sleep in daddy’s bed is when he is in it.  It’s so much fun and comfortable to snuggle down in between his legs, because it is so lonely there when he is not in it himself.

Daddy also has some nice wide window ledges to sit at and watch the birdies and squirrels running around outside.  I do not regret one minute being and inside kitty.   It’s always so much warmer inside than out.  As long as daddy keeps up on cleaning my potty box, life is grand.

I challenge all of you to come up with the most unusual place you like to sleep.  Let’s see what kind of places we can come up with.

With Love,


My New Home

Many of you have been following my situation for a long time.  And some have even helped Daddy to get enough of the green papers to be able to pay the pet deposit for me.  So I have decided to share with you some pictures that daddy has taken today of me running around the new apartment.

Here I am laying down on the back of daddy’s couch.  Nice and comfortable.  I even sleep here sometimes now.


Here I am licking the top of daddy’s head.  Someone has to groom him, even if he doesn’t have much fur up top as some hoomins.  MOL

And here Daddy put my food dish and water.  And put down the blankets that Charles’ mom gave that I used when I was staying with them.  Right next to where warm air comes out so It’s nice and warm there.   Daddy has said that he doesn’t have enough green papers to get me a tree fort yet, but next month he will see how much he has and might get me one.  Definitely before Christmas though.  And I will have an area all of my very own.

As you can see there isn’t any carpet, but Daddy’s bedroom has carpet and I slept with him last night.  Such a comfortable place to be between his legs.  Even though it makes it tough for him to move at night, but I’m the one who is important.  MOL

Well that’s all for now, I need to go follow daddy into the potty room and make sure he is alright.  You know, he actually tried closing the door on me at first.  I guess it’s time to retrain daddy not to close doors to me ever again.  See you around…


With Love,



Going Home

Thanks to several very special hoomins,  Daddy got the pet deposit and everything is turned into the management company.  He just has to make arrangements with the wonderful family that I am staying with to come pick me up. As it looks right now it will be Sunday.  I can’t think of a better day for this to happen.  And thanks to all of you out in the blogosphere for your prayers and wonderful thoughts.  I will be seeing you very soon.

With Love,


Help bring me back to my Daddy

I know I have been gone for awhile.  But for a whole year I have been living with a foster family and my daddy has been in his car and in shelters.   He has finally found an apartment, but the pet deposit is quite hefty.  We need help gathering the funds.  Daddy has set up a gofundme account.  If any of you could see your way to helping. Here is the link  Any little bit helps.

Thanks, Foxy

Daddy’s back home

Minion Red Cross

Daddy was gone for two weeks.  I was so worried when those hoomins came in with their rolling bed and took Daddy.  For the first couple days I was wondering who would feed me.  But someone came around and made sure I had food and my potty box was cleaned every so often.  Daddy is stretched out in his recliner right now trying to catch up with all his computer friends.  I finally got him to post here for me.  I wanted to let all my friends here know that I haven’t forgotten you.  I just couldn’t post anything.  I’ll be around to Cat Scout a little later to let every one there know that we are alive and well now.  I’ll see you around.

With Love, Foxy

Sun Puddles

I know, I know,  I’ve been gone awhile.  A whole month.  But Daddy has had some issues to handle with the apartment management.  And I was kind of laying low not really doing anything.

As the title suggests this blog is about sun puddles.  Something I’m sure all cats can get into.  Only one little problem for me.  Our apartment is situated such that very little of the puddles reach the floor.  It’s mainly up against the wall.  010

So I have to get creative sometimes if I want to warm myself by the sun, and I don’t feel like jumping up on the windowsill.  Daddy and I have all kinds of conversations about that.  I keep telling him he has to swing the apartment around to catch more of the sun.  Daddy tells me it’s impossible for him to do that.  Oh come on now, Daddy’s and Mommy’s can do anything.  Am I right folks??


So I guess until Daddy manages to swing the apartment around, I’m going to have to hug the wall anytime I want to warm myself.  But at least it’s springtime now.  So more opportunities for sun puddles.  I have about a four month window where it will reach the floor.  Sometime about the end of this month till sometime in August.   And only for about two hours a day.


I’m sure there are other kitties out there that have better access to sun puddles than I do.  I tip my hat off to them, and I would like to tell them to enjoy it.  Not all can.  Even though we are adopted into loving forever homes, sometimes it’s just always perfect.  But I still would not trade in my Daddy for anything, even if he can’t adjust how the apartment sits.  His lap is still the most comfortable place to be.


With Love, Foxy

Human Generosity

Tails of Hope Telethon

Last Saturday the local Humane Society had their telethon to raise money for the next year.  I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record about this.  But it is so near and dear to my heart.  I was adopted out of the Humane Society.  And if it wasn’t for them, as I have described in a past post, I would not be around.  I had been adopted out three times previous, and brought back for different reasons, before Daddy found me there.

Back to the Telethon… They provided all kinds of inspirational stories, of not just cats and dogs, but one of horses that really tugged at mine and Daddy’s hearts.  So Daddy sent them some money.  Daddy felt bad, because he doesn’t have a lot of money to send, but he sent what he could.  And on that point, their tally target was $271,000.  And they had a good day by actually not only achieving their target but exceeding it.   The final on-air tally was $273,080, with the phones still ringing.  So who knows what the actual final tally was.  To know there are so many hoomins out there that want to help us not only survive but to find forever homes and live a good life is just so wonderful.

With Love, Foxy

Humane Society Fundraiser

Tails of Hope Telethon

Next week the local Humane Society where Daddy adopted me will be running a telethon to raise money to operate.  In this day and age, it’s always so difficult to keep things running.  They not only have the main campus, but they operate several satellite operations.  They not only run the adoptions but they support educational events.


Daddy wanted to bring something positive to the blog because he is also a bit depressed because of a hoomin actor that passed away today.  He is someone that will be missed a lot.  And in the words of his most notable character, we will  be closing our blog with his most repeated quote.

Live Long and Prosper, Foxy