My New Home

Many of you have been following my situation for a long time.  And some have even helped Daddy to get enough of the green papers to be able to pay the pet deposit for me.  So I have decided to share with you some pictures that daddy has taken today of me running around the new apartment.

Here I am laying down on the back of daddy’s couch.  Nice and comfortable.  I even sleep here sometimes now.


Here I am licking the top of daddy’s head.  Someone has to groom him, even if he doesn’t have much fur up top as some hoomins.  MOL

And here Daddy put my food dish and water.  And put down the blankets that Charles’ mom gave that I used when I was staying with them.  Right next to where warm air comes out so It’s nice and warm there.   Daddy has said that he doesn’t have enough green papers to get me a tree fort yet, but next month he will see how much he has and might get me one.  Definitely before Christmas though.  And I will have an area all of my very own.

As you can see there isn’t any carpet, but Daddy’s bedroom has carpet and I slept with him last night.  Such a comfortable place to be between his legs.  Even though it makes it tough for him to move at night, but I’m the one who is important.  MOL

Well that’s all for now, I need to go follow daddy into the potty room and make sure he is alright.  You know, he actually tried closing the door on me at first.  I guess it’s time to retrain daddy not to close doors to me ever again.  See you around…


With Love,




5 thoughts on “My New Home

  1. Oh Foxy we are so happy to see you back home with your daddy. We know ya’ll missed each other somethin’ pawful. It was so wonderful of Charles and his mommy to help ya’ll out, and we know ya’ll are grateful too. But there’s no place like home and home is where your heart is. Big hugs to you both. Have a pawsum week.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  2. Foxy, my sisfurs and I are so happy to see you home with your daddy. Charles’ family was the best to take you in, but to be able to be back with your dad in a new forever home must be a dream come true. Enjoy sleeping between his legs. That’s the best spot. Love from your friend, Cat Scout Mau


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