Feral Cats / Wintertime

In the past I have always tried to keep my posts light.  But because of the weather conditions the last couple days here, I have to bring something to topic.  Shelters for those cats not lucky enough to have a loving forever home.

The last couple days here, the temperature has been in the negative.   With a windchill even lower.  (in the -20’s)  These poor kitties don’t have a warm lap to lay in or ready food to eat.  I think it should behoove us that do, to try to convince our hoomins, if they can, to construct shelters and maybe find some way to leave food for these kitties.  After all it’s not their fault that they don’t have a home.  It was some hoomin that left them or their parents abandoned.

This is important to me because I had to go through five different homes/families until Daddy found me.  At any time I could have been just left out there to fend for myself.  Luckily they all brought me back to Lollypop farm/Humane Society for another chance to find a home.

So Daddy and I decided to try to see if the internet had any answers.  And we googled “Feral Cat Shelters” and found A LOT of articles on how to construct shelters and keep them warm.  Also ready made shelters for sale, for those hoomins that are not very handy.  These are just a few of the many images that Daddy and I found…

Homemade feral cat shelterhomemade_feral_cat_shelter


Also many comunities have a TNR program in effect.  To try to control the populations  Some require the hoomin to pay for it all, some have subsidy programs to help with cost.  Ask your hoomin to check with the local Humane Society or SPCA for what requirements are in place.  Or even just the local Vet might have the information.

Sorry for dragging out the soap box, but this is near and dear to our hearts.

With Love, Foxy


Testing video loading

Decided to try posting a video again since the last time was such a bust.  Hopefully this comes through.  If you can please leave me an evaluation.

Daddy’s Blanket

This morning was really cold.  But I found a great place to help keep me warm.  Between Daddy’s legs.  MOL  At First I started up on top.


But as the morning worn on, I managed to borough deeper down.

004 005

Until I finally wound up deep down in between Daddy’s legs with the blanket higher up almost over my head.  We just sat there just watching TV all morning.  But every so often I would hear a deep rumble sound.  So I think Daddy fell asleep a couple times.  That rumbling when he is asleep must be the hoomin’s way of purring.  It always sounds so funny.  But I do know that Daddy is very relaxed at that time, and I can feel a sense of well-being for my Daddy.  I like to hear him make that rumbling sound.

With Love, Foxy


Daddy surprised me this morning.  Usually he pulls out the big sucking machine and cleans on Caturday. I keep telling him that Caturday is for rest and play.  But he usually doesn’t listen.  He so surprised me today that I didn’t have time to run to my normal hiding spot.  I had to quickly make it to a corner.  Take a look at the picture.


Daddy gets too close with the sucking machine, I can either jump left using the cold machine as a step up to the window ledge.  Or jump left using the chair and make my escape that way.  But he didn’t come close so I just relaxed and waited till he was done.  I’m glad that he finally listened to me about making Caturday a rest day and not a work day.

I think Daddy is restless today because he had an appointment with his doctor yesterday and when he got home, he wouldn’t settle down.  He would not sit for more than 15 minutes then he was up again pacing.  I couldn’t lay in his lap to purr and relax him.  And I tried!!

Trying to upload a video.  Seems I can only load video address texts not the actual video.  I would need to upgrade to the premium plan to be able to do that.  Tried loading it anyways, but it didn’t work.  Sorry about that.

With Love, Foxy

Kitten Bowl

Daddy and I had a great time watching the Kitten Bowl yesterday.  Even the team we rooted for won, which never happens for us.  Seems like every time we watch a sporting event the team we root for looses.  So we had an extra special celebration afterwards.  I got even more treats than I usually do, boy were they delicious.  I played with the Cat Scouts during the Kitten Bowl and had fun with them too.

I have also been watching the snow fall all night last night,  It at times like these that I am so happy I am an indoor kitty.But I worry so much about all those kitties that don’t have a furrever home and have to suffer outside.  We should pray for all of them and encourage our hoomins if they are able to help set up shelters for those kitties.  I know not all hoomins are capable of doing that, but those that are would be HUGE angels in heaven.

With Love, Foxy

Me and Daddy

Hi there, I’m back.  Been doing my impression of a race car for the past couple days.  An incessant case of the zoomies.   But I have managed to get my Daddy to laugh a little bit, so it wasn’t all bad.  He has tried to capture me on a video, but I am too fast for him.  MOL  Here is a picture of me on daddy’s chest just a few days after he adopted me.

Daddy and I

Daddy’s chest isn’t the only place I will down either.  A lot of the time I would crawl up onto the back of Daddy’s chair and lay down there.  That’s a lot of fun sometimes.

004 005

A lot of Daddy’s hoomin friends will be watching the Superbowl this next week.  But we won’t be.   Instead we are planning on watching the Kittenbowl and then going to play at Cat Scouts.  Scout Raz is having a party that day that will also encompass the monthly birthday party.  That will be a lot more fun than anything else.  My Cat Scout friends have  been absolutely great to me.  Especially with my recent worries over Daddy not doing well, and having to spend a lot of time with his doctor.

With Love, Foxy


Daddy spent most of the day yesterday at his doctors.  He wasn’t in a good mood when he got home.  I laid into him with purrs and headbutts, and tried to get him to play with me but his mood didn’t lift.   We just sat in his chair all night petting each other.  He is going to have to spend A LOT of time with his doctor for a while and he is worried.  Mostly he is worried about me, if something happens to him will I have to go back to Lollypop Farm again.  NOOOOOOOOO  I got the furrever home I want now, I don’t want to have to worry that something is going to happen to my Daddy.  It took quite a while for me to find him, I refuse to let him go.  Please tell me there is some way I can keep him forever.  Well I have to get back to him.

With Love, Foxy

Boxes and Toys

I know I said I was going to try to post at least once a week.  But nothing exciting has happened to me since New Years.  And it just feels weird talking about mundane happenings.  Except for the past week, I have been playing with some of the cool mousie toys that some Angel Scouts sent me.  Most of them have wound up under the stove, too far for Daddy to retrieve them for me.  So I have come back to playing with the boxes Daddy has left around the apartment.  What a lot of hoomins don’t realize is that with just a little ingenuity we can be quite happy with just boxes.

Back when Daddy first adopted me, he laid out money for my pottybox and it’s filling along with my Food tray and food with some treats. Also a carrier.  He didn’t have a lot of money left for other things.  So he found a couple boxes and adapted them to me.

Custom Box Foxy's Box 2

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the cushiony hidey box I received from an Angel Scout for Christmas, But Daddy did what he could for me with little resources.  And I was very happy with them.  It just showed how much Daddy loved me and wanted to make me happy.

So I guess what I’m saying here is to any hoomins that may be reading this, you can make your furrfriend happy just with boxes.  You can have a couple laying around the floor for your kitty to jump into, or if you are really industrious, you can find several very sturdy boxes and make a pyramid for your kitty to climb. You don’t always have to spend money on store bought toys.

Until next time

With Love, Foxy

New Year II

Yes I am actually posting twice in two days.   AMAZING  MOL   Daddy and I had a very enjoyable New Years.  Had a lot of snacks at the Cat Scout party.  Got to see many of my friends dressed up.  As Daddy said — Dressed to the Nines.  That’s a funny expression.  And my friends Sammy and Nibbler were awarded Cat Scouts of the Year.  They so deserved the honors.  They work so hard  making sure a lot of things run so smoothly.

Unfortunately because Daddy kept switching back and forth from Cat Scouts and Facebook I missed a chance to dance with my friend Charles.  He looked so good in his white suit when I saw him earlier.  But he had a date so he wasn’t alone.  new year dress

This was the dress I went to the party in.  A lot of the Scouts liked me in it.  The big irony of it is, Charles’ mom made it for me.  MOL

When I crawled on Daddy’s chest this morning and meowed to wake him up, he was actually in a better mood than I have seen him in, in quite some time.  Instead of giving me the evil eye stare he actually started petting me.  And I got treats this morning. I never get treats in the morning.  I was so happy I started gnoshing on his lap, and mistakenly dug a little too deep with my claws.  Daddy yelled a bit, but he was playing with me immediately afterwards.  So I know he wasn’t too mad at me.

Well time for my nap now.

With Love, Foxy

New Year


As I’m sitting here contemplating the upcoming new year, I have to wonder what is in store for me.  I have passed the first year anniversary of my adoption and things are going alright.  Looking forward to the next year with the Cat Scouts, more activities and adventures.  Troop leader gave me more responsibilities for the troop.  Been appointed Hike Master as well as Wellness Master.  Or should I say Mistress since I am a girl cat after all.  MOL

Going to the New Years party at Cat Scouts.  My friend Charles had his Mom make me a nice dress.  Since Daddy is a bit inept with things like that.  He tries, but he just can’t seem to make it work.  Maybe Charles will dance with me.  He’s a cutie.  Stopped by earlier and it looked like things were going to be really bizarre and fun.

I know things are really boring following my blog.  For that I apologize, but there is not a lot happening in my life.  I’ll understand if any of you that currently follow my blog wish to drop it.  Maybe by the end of 2015 I might be able to make things more interesting.

With Love, Foxy