Human Generosity

Tails of Hope Telethon

Last Saturday the local Humane Society had their telethon to raise money for the next year.  I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record about this.  But it is so near and dear to my heart.  I was adopted out of the Humane Society.  And if it wasn’t for them, as I have described in a past post, I would not be around.  I had been adopted out three times previous, and brought back for different reasons, before Daddy found me there.

Back to the Telethon… They provided all kinds of inspirational stories, of not just cats and dogs, but one of horses that really tugged at mine and Daddy’s hearts.  So Daddy sent them some money.  Daddy felt bad, because he doesn’t have a lot of money to send, but he sent what he could.  And on that point, their tally target was $271,000.  And they had a good day by actually not only achieving their target but exceeding it.   The final on-air tally was $273,080, with the phones still ringing.  So who knows what the actual final tally was.  To know there are so many hoomins out there that want to help us not only survive but to find forever homes and live a good life is just so wonderful.

With Love, Foxy


7 thoughts on “Human Generosity

  1. Foxy, my furrend, you and your daddy are so lucky to have found each other. Your daddy is a wonderful man for sharing what little you have to help those less fortunate animals. I’m sure your contribution along with those many others has helped to provide food and shelter for the animals waiting for a forever home.
    The weather is finally getting warmer and some of the snow is beginning to melt. Soon kitten season will begin and my mom will be out trapping them in hopes of finding them homes and getting their moms and dads fixed.
    Stay safe and give your daddy lots of hugs and snuggles for being such a special man.
    C S Charles

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  2. This is such a good cause. Hope they raised lots of money. I support the shelter here and Anya support the shelter in Indy. Hope you are having a nice lazy SUNday.


  3. OMC How did we miss this. Pawsum posty Foxy we hope it turned out gweat and lots of money wuz waised. And me hopes yous comin’ to da Sadie Hawkins dance on Caturday. Andy and me and Charles and Timmy will help ya wiff sum fotos. Hope to see yous there.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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