Sun Puddles

I know, I know,  I’ve been gone awhile.  A whole month.  But Daddy has had some issues to handle with the apartment management.  And I was kind of laying low not really doing anything.

As the title suggests this blog is about sun puddles.  Something I’m sure all cats can get into.  Only one little problem for me.  Our apartment is situated such that very little of the puddles reach the floor.  It’s mainly up against the wall.  010

So I have to get creative sometimes if I want to warm myself by the sun, and I don’t feel like jumping up on the windowsill.  Daddy and I have all kinds of conversations about that.  I keep telling him he has to swing the apartment around to catch more of the sun.  Daddy tells me it’s impossible for him to do that.  Oh come on now, Daddy’s and Mommy’s can do anything.  Am I right folks??


So I guess until Daddy manages to swing the apartment around, I’m going to have to hug the wall anytime I want to warm myself.  But at least it’s springtime now.  So more opportunities for sun puddles.  I have about a four month window where it will reach the floor.  Sometime about the end of this month till sometime in August.   And only for about two hours a day.


I’m sure there are other kitties out there that have better access to sun puddles than I do.  I tip my hat off to them, and I would like to tell them to enjoy it.  Not all can.  Even though we are adopted into loving forever homes, sometimes it’s just always perfect.  But I still would not trade in my Daddy for anything, even if he can’t adjust how the apartment sits.  His lap is still the most comfortable place to be.


With Love, Foxy


8 thoughts on “Sun Puddles

  1. Hi Foxy! Too bad your sun puddles are just out of reach sometimes but I’m with you on the “lap situation”……laps are almost always in reach and available and the BEST nap spot anyway!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Foxy we get sunpuddles mostly in the summer too and when it is warm enough to use the sunroom so we all know what you mean. Plus in the winter the sun doesn’t like to come out here much. We would trade it all for our Mom’s lap too!
    Marty and the Gang


  3. Foxy we agree sunpuddles are good but so are laps..maybe get dad to get a mirror to bounce them all over like a disco! we are in Autumn and are hoping the sun puddles go! can you believe that! but we need rain…very very badly…so if we can we will send them your way…paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


  4. Aaaaaw Foxy yous awe a blest girly fur sure. Weez not get any sunpuddles in ow pawtment. It’s just da way it sits. But like you, we wuldn’t twade mommy fur all da sun puddles in da world.

    Sowry weez so late, it’s been a bit cwazy wound here and weez fixin’ to have all dat pawtment manager stuffs too.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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