Merry Christmas

It’s been a long time again.  I see over a year.  Daddy has been very standoffish and do any posting to here.  He was also reluctant to do any entries in Cat Scouts either.  He has promised me he will try to do more.

Anyway, we are her to offer anyone still following us a Merry Christmas.  And hopefully we will have a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year before it happens.  If not, let this be that chance.  🙂

Happy New Year


thumbnail a

These pictures Daddy was trying his new phone.  And I was laying at his feet on the blanket.  The floor is cool to the touch of my paws.   You see all those loose threads??  They are my handywork from the all the kneading I do.  I have very sharp claws.  hehehe Daddy likes to call it, Gnoshing.  Well time for us to go, will try to be here more often.

Love ya All,



4 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Foxy, we’re still here. We’re late a lot these days too. But we will never go away. We luv you and uncle Edward very much and purray ya’ll had a blest Christmas. Big hugs fur you both.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  2. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Cat Scout Sammy P, misses you at Scouts. We hope you had a nice Christmas and we wish you and your Dad a happy 2018!


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