Feral Cats / Wintertime

In the past I have always tried to keep my posts light.  But because of the weather conditions the last couple days here, I have to bring something to topic.  Shelters for those cats not lucky enough to have a loving forever home.

The last couple days here, the temperature has been in the negative.   With a windchill even lower.  (in the -20’s)  These poor kitties don’t have a warm lap to lay in or ready food to eat.  I think it should behoove us that do, to try to convince our hoomins, if they can, to construct shelters and maybe find some way to leave food for these kitties.  After all it’s not their fault that they don’t have a home.  It was some hoomin that left them or their parents abandoned.

This is important to me because I had to go through five different homes/families until Daddy found me.  At any time I could have been just left out there to fend for myself.  Luckily they all brought me back to Lollypop farm/Humane Society for another chance to find a home.

So Daddy and I decided to try to see if the internet had any answers.  And we googled “Feral Cat Shelters” and found A LOT of articles on how to construct shelters and keep them warm.  Also ready made shelters for sale, for those hoomins that are not very handy.  These are just a few of the many images that Daddy and I found…

Homemade feral cat shelterhomemade_feral_cat_shelter


Also many comunities have a TNR program in effect.  To try to control the populations  Some require the hoomin to pay for it all, some have subsidy programs to help with cost.  Ask your hoomin to check with the local Humane Society or SPCA for what requirements are in place.  Or even just the local Vet might have the information.

Sorry for dragging out the soap box, but this is near and dear to our hearts.

With Love, Foxy


4 thoughts on “Feral Cats / Wintertime

  1. It’s a very important subject, Foxy, so don’t apologise for bringing it up. Where we are there are not so many obvious feral cats, but my humans have put a cat flap in the door to the summerhouse (posh shed!) so that passing kitties who have need can use it for shelter.

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  2. I agree Foxy……it’s a most important subject indeed. My Mom and Dad bought a heated outdoor “house” for ferals/visitors a couple of winters ago and last winter put an additional shelter almost exactly like this one (made from the plastic container) on our porch as well so we have two spots…….we also keep food and water available for “whoever” needs it. We have a couple of regulars who are by two or three days a week and sleep in the shelters, have breakfast and are on their way. We feel like they know this is a “safe house” for them.

    Thanks for posting this…………………!
    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Foxy.………As you know my mom feeds feral/homeless cats and that’s how I and my fur sibs came to live with her and dad. During these frigid times it’s essential to have food,water and shelters available for those kitties.
    Thank you for taking the time to post this vital information. Excellent job and great pictures.
    Stay safe and warm sweet furrend.
    C S Charles

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  4. Gweat posty Foxy, and yous just go on ’bout dat soap box all yous want. Weez feel da same way and write ’bout it offen. We don’t usually get as cold as you all, but cold is cold no matter where it is ifin yous ain’t got a home. And hungwy be hungwy ifin yous ain’t got noms. We now these fings. NOt cuz they’ve happened to us, but they’ve happened to mommy on more than one occasion. Stay warm.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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