Daddy’s Blanket

This morning was really cold.  But I found a great place to help keep me warm.  Between Daddy’s legs.  MOL  At First I started up on top.


But as the morning worn on, I managed to borough deeper down.

004 005

Until I finally wound up deep down in between Daddy’s legs with the blanket higher up almost over my head.  We just sat there just watching TV all morning.  But every so often I would hear a deep rumble sound.  So I think Daddy fell asleep a couple times.  That rumbling when he is asleep must be the hoomin’s way of purring.  It always sounds so funny.  But I do know that Daddy is very relaxed at that time, and I can feel a sense of well-being for my Daddy.  I like to hear him make that rumbling sound.

With Love, Foxy


8 thoughts on “Daddy’s Blanket

  1. WOW Foxy…..that’s one of my favorite spots to be too – on my Mom’s legs with a fleecie blanket under me…… Mom purrs a little once in a while too (but don’t tell her I told you that!). Enjoy your cozy time with your Dad…………’s nice to feel SAFE and WARM!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Hi Foxy….so nice to see you have a comfy time with your dad. That is a beautiful fleece blankie and I’m sure it is warm. Spending time with our parents comforts us and them too. When my dad “purrs” at my house the window near his head rattles. M O L Take good care of your daddy.

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