Daddy surprised me this morning.  Usually he pulls out the big sucking machine and cleans on Caturday. I keep telling him that Caturday is for rest and play.  But he usually doesn’t listen.  He so surprised me today that I didn’t have time to run to my normal hiding spot.  I had to quickly make it to a corner.  Take a look at the picture.


Daddy gets too close with the sucking machine, I can either jump left using the cold machine as a step up to the window ledge.  Or jump left using the chair and make my escape that way.  But he didn’t come close so I just relaxed and waited till he was done.  I’m glad that he finally listened to me about making Caturday a rest day and not a work day.

I think Daddy is restless today because he had an appointment with his doctor yesterday and when he got home, he wouldn’t settle down.  He would not sit for more than 15 minutes then he was up again pacing.  I couldn’t lay in his lap to purr and relax him.  And I tried!!

Trying to upload a video.  Seems I can only load video address texts not the actual video.  I would need to upgrade to the premium plan to be able to do that.  Tried loading it anyways, but it didn’t work.  Sorry about that.

With Love, Foxy


10 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. YAY…….now your Caturday is FREE for fun and rest…..sorry your Dad couldn’t settle down so you could hop up and give him some cuddles. Cuddling does make humans happier and ore relaxed – sometimes WE know best right Foxy? Hope your Dad is OK……….loved the picture of you with your big rat !!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Foxy, I hope you will work your magic and help dad to relax!!

    BTW the video was showing in Feedly, but not here on your page?? Weird. Anyway we enjoyed watching it very much. You were sure having fun with your toy! 🙂 x0x


      1. Feedly is a bloggy weader Foxy. There’s a lot of them. We use sumtimes. A READER is where all da blogs you follow awe there so you can read them in one sot stead of goin’ to each blog. You hav a WordPress Reader alweady, it comes wiff yous bloggy. Up in da left hand corner of this page is da option Reader. Just paw it and see what happens. 🙂 Ifin yous ever need help wiff yous bloggy, yous can email us and we willl twy to help ifin we can.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi


  3. Hey Foxy I dont like Dad doing that on Caturday either. Ugh. I go UTC (Under the Couch) while my brofur Rumpy walks around meowing telling Dad he wants a treat. Something is wrong with that cat! MOL
    I just tried to pop a video on Buddy Budds Bloggie, he uses WordPress too, but cannot. Hmmm…


  4. Hey Foxy I saw your dilemma and knew I had to be a good Cat Scout and try and figure out what to do. Check Buddy’s Blog.

    All you need is a Youtube account which is free. Upload your video and wait for it to be ready. When you watch your video click on Share and copy the link. When you do a post just click Add Media, Choose Insert Youtube, Paste in the link. Done.
    Cat Scout Timmy

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  5. Weez sorry yous daddy wuz stwessin’ Foxy, weez’ll keep purrayin’ fur hims. And no, yous can load videos, yous just hav to post them to you tube furst. Go to and cweate an account. Yous purrawlly alweady hav one, you just need to sign in usin’ yous google name and password. And then upload yous video there. then when yous add media here yous will paw da upload fwum you tube and put da linky (copy and paste da link of yous you tube video) in da sppot and then search. It will bwing up yous video and then you click on it and then hit da add button at da bottom and yous video will be here in yous posty. Ifin yous daddy needs more help tell hims to email mommy and she will twy to help hims, okay?. Hav a good weekend. Weez weally behind, sorry we didn’t visit earlier.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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