Kitten Bowl

Daddy and I had a great time watching the Kitten Bowl yesterday.  Even the team we rooted for won, which never happens for us.  Seems like every time we watch a sporting event the team we root for looses.  So we had an extra special celebration afterwards.  I got even more treats than I usually do, boy were they delicious.  I played with the Cat Scouts during the Kitten Bowl and had fun with them too.

I have also been watching the snow fall all night last night,  It at times like these that I am so happy I am an indoor kitty.But I worry so much about all those kitties that don’t have a furrever home and have to suffer outside.  We should pray for all of them and encourage our hoomins if they are able to help set up shelters for those kitties.  I know not all hoomins are capable of doing that, but those that are would be HUGE angels in heaven.

With Love, Foxy


5 thoughts on “Kitten Bowl

  1. Glad you enjoyed yesterday at Cat Scouts. It was a wonderful day for everyone. We have a couple of shelters for wandering/feral visitors on our front porch and they are OFTEN used overnight – especially this time of year.

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Oh Foxy dat’s wunnewful dat yous got extwa tweats. anytime we can hav extwas is a good fing. MOL And didn’t we hav a gweat time at Cat Scouts yesfurday? Me fell asleep in da spa and missed a bit of da fun, but it wuz all good. MOL We worry ’bout da poor outdoor kitties too, but weez purray fur ’em and ifin we see any, we giv ’em a llittle shelter and sum noms fur their bellies. Sorry yous gettin’ so much snow, but stay inside and stay warm.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    PeeEss fur sum weason we can’t paw da like button fur yous posty, but weez do like it.


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