Me and Daddy

Hi there, I’m back.  Been doing my impression of a race car for the past couple days.  An incessant case of the zoomies.   But I have managed to get my Daddy to laugh a little bit, so it wasn’t all bad.  He has tried to capture me on a video, but I am too fast for him.  MOL  Here is a picture of me on daddy’s chest just a few days after he adopted me.

Daddy and I

Daddy’s chest isn’t the only place I will down either.  A lot of the time I would crawl up onto the back of Daddy’s chair and lay down there.  That’s a lot of fun sometimes.

004 005

A lot of Daddy’s hoomin friends will be watching the Superbowl this next week.  But we won’t be.   Instead we are planning on watching the Kittenbowl and then going to play at Cat Scouts.  Scout Raz is having a party that day that will also encompass the monthly birthday party.  That will be a lot more fun than anything else.  My Cat Scout friends have  been absolutely great to me.  Especially with my recent worries over Daddy not doing well, and having to spend a lot of time with his doctor.

With Love, Foxy


7 thoughts on “Me and Daddy

  1. Hi Foxy! Great pictures of you and your Daddy……I like the first one with you and your Dad when you first came to live with him best – your Dad looks HAPPY to have you there!! I’ll see you at Cat Scouts on Sunday – first with the birthday party (even though both of the Scouts whose birthdays we’ll be celebrating won’t be there!!!!!) with the Groundhog theme (haha), then with all the celebrations we’ll have for the big football game……….Gracie and I have tons of food and fun planned. Raz’s Dad is doing REALLY well after his bypass surgery so Raz will probably make an appearance too!

    Have a cozy night!
    Hugs and salutes, Sammy, Troop Leader Wildcats!

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  2. So glad yous been keepin’ yous daddy entertained Foxy. Even ifin hims only laffed a foo times. Sumtimes ow hoomans hav lots of worries on their mind dat they don’t wanna let us know ’bout. Weez bet dat’s what’s been goin’ on wiff yous daddy. Weez still purrayin’ everyfin’ works out fur y’all and weez so glad all da scouts hav been a blessin’ and help to you. Meez so purroud to be pawt of such a pawsum gwoup of kitties. And weez not gunna be watchin’ da sports shows eever. meez gunna be scoutn’ and havin’ fun.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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  3. Sometimes, Foxy, we can cheer up the humans when we have the zoomies and play about! They seem to like that. Over here in the UK we don’t have the super bowl, but I am very glad to have the supper bowl!! MOL You take care and look after dad. Me and The Staff love the pictures of you both 🙂

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  4. We always look forward to your blog postings. So glad to read you had a chance to do the zoomies for your daddy. It always get my dad laughing when we start the zoomies at our house. The picture of you and your daddy when you were adopted makes us 🙂 ….. just like your daddy is doing in the picture. We will continue to purr and send good thoughts to you both and hope your daddy is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday at Scouts for the Ground Hog Birthdays and the Football pawty.
    {{{{{{hugs}}}} my furrend,
    CS Charles and his fur sibs.

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