New Year II

Yes I am actually posting twice in two days.   AMAZING  MOL   Daddy and I had a very enjoyable New Years.  Had a lot of snacks at the Cat Scout party.  Got to see many of my friends dressed up.  As Daddy said — Dressed to the Nines.  That’s a funny expression.  And my friends Sammy and Nibbler were awarded Cat Scouts of the Year.  They so deserved the honors.  They work so hard  making sure a lot of things run so smoothly.

Unfortunately because Daddy kept switching back and forth from Cat Scouts and Facebook I missed a chance to dance with my friend Charles.  He looked so good in his white suit when I saw him earlier.  But he had a date so he wasn’t alone.  new year dress

This was the dress I went to the party in.  A lot of the Scouts liked me in it.  The big irony of it is, Charles’ mom made it for me.  MOL

When I crawled on Daddy’s chest this morning and meowed to wake him up, he was actually in a better mood than I have seen him in, in quite some time.  Instead of giving me the evil eye stare he actually started petting me.  And I got treats this morning. I never get treats in the morning.  I was so happy I started gnoshing on his lap, and mistakenly dug a little too deep with my claws.  Daddy yelled a bit, but he was playing with me immediately afterwards.  So I know he wasn’t too mad at me.

Well time for my nap now.

With Love, Foxy


10 thoughts on “New Year II

  1. Da pawty wuz so much fun wusn’t it Foxy? Yous look very bootyful in yous gown. Me had a good time too. and then we spent da west of da night here wiff mommy cuddlin’ in da new year. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi n Lexi

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  2. Foxy you looked fabulous in your beautiful dress last night! Hope you had a good time…..I was so surprised at the honor of being one of the two Cat Scouts of the Year elected by the High Council. It’s so much fun being Troop Leader for the Wildcats……never a dull moment! HAPPY NEW YEAR – I hope you and your Dad have a wonderful 2015!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. We sure had fun Foxy. You looked divine in your outfit and I have a feeling you will have a date for the next Cat Scout event. Happy Mew year to you and Dad!
    Timmy Dad and Family


  4. You dress is beautiful, My Sammy would have loved to dance with you, but I made him stay in with the family last night. Happy and healthy New Year!!


  5. Hi Foxy! We think you look beautiful in your dress. We totally just missed the Cat Scouts party. But hey, there is always something going on. And, you can have a dance with any of us guys around here anytime you wish.


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