New Year


As I’m sitting here contemplating the upcoming new year, I have to wonder what is in store for me.  I have passed the first year anniversary of my adoption and things are going alright.  Looking forward to the next year with the Cat Scouts, more activities and adventures.  Troop leader gave me more responsibilities for the troop.  Been appointed Hike Master as well as Wellness Master.  Or should I say Mistress since I am a girl cat after all.  MOL

Going to the New Years party at Cat Scouts.  My friend Charles had his Mom make me a nice dress.  Since Daddy is a bit inept with things like that.  He tries, but he just can’t seem to make it work.  Maybe Charles will dance with me.  He’s a cutie.  Stopped by earlier and it looked like things were going to be really bizarre and fun.

I know things are really boring following my blog.  For that I apologize, but there is not a lot happening in my life.  I’ll understand if any of you that currently follow my blog wish to drop it.  Maybe by the end of 2015 I might be able to make things more interesting.

With Love, Foxy


12 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Foxy…I love the new BIG picture of you. It shows how beautiful you really are.
    From everything I’ve read about blogging it takes a while to get a big following. I know many Scouts are reading your postings. You are doing better than me because my mom can’t even figure out how to start a blog…….. MOL
    Look at all you have accomplished in a short time. You’ve become a Cat Scout and made many new furrends. You’ve gotten new responsibilities ,you’ve gone on trips to great places as a Scout and you are attending a fantastic year end party tonight.
    I know 2015 will be a great year for you.
    Purrs & Hugs from a fellow Scout,


  2. Hi Foxy. It’s ok if you don’t have excitement every day to write about. A nice quiet life is a good thing. Sounds like you’re going to have fun tonight at the party. Can’t wait to hear all about iit. Happy New Year! Kathryn


  3. Hi Foxy! Our lives aren’t very interesting either. Don’t feel like you have to post every day. We choose to post wordless wednesdays, caturday art and selfie sundays unless there is something fun going on. It isn’t good to stress yourselves out! We also found sites like, pizap, and enjoypic to help do some of the fun stuff with our pictues. You will catch on and find your niche. Don’t get frustrated and give up! Just as for help. Sammy’s Mom is a good go-to person because she is wonderful! Can’t wait to see where your blog takes you in the new year!


    1. Marty, I’m not looking to post everyday, but I did put a goal down to try to post at least once a week. As far as those photo editing sites go, Daddy and I have tried them all for doing things with the Cat Scouts and just have not been able to get the hang of them. I’ll figure something I guess.


  4. Foxy I’m sticking with you dear girl! Blog when you want to and about WHAT you want to. That’s what this thing called blogging is all about. Life isn’t always exciting (too bad huh?!?!?!) but it’s fun just to talk about whatever’s on your mind. I’ll be here……….so let’s hope 2015 is a year of fun and learning and making more new friends! See you at the Party at Scouts!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  5. Hey Foxy! I don’t think you’re boring at all, well no more boring than the rest of us!! Enjoy the pawty at Cat Scouts, but it is actually (nearly) New Year here now, so Mum says I have to go to bed, oh! I can hear those horrible fireworks, so it’s UTB I go!! Happy New Year Foxy x0x


  6. Oh Foxy don’t tell peeps to dwop yous bloggy, yous learnin’ and we all did it. Go back and look at sum of meez postys in February and March of last year. Dat wuz when me first stawted and me only had 1 or 2 visitors dat even commented. Me has a Facebook awnty dat has always been faiffull to omment no matter where we post, but not dat many udders did. Yous will get there. Happy New Year to yous and daddy.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  7. Don’t worry Foxy, it takes a while to get the hang of blogging and to build up a following. Comment on as many blogs as you can and they will come back to comment here. Also, do you put your link on the Cat Blogosphere? That should get you more visitors too.


  8. Foxy Happy New Year! Your blog is not boring. You and your Dad are trying to figure out how things work. It will all come together, it takes time. I am not a consistent blogger and I am a huge PROcrastinator so I have an issue to work with. You are a very lovely girl cat. I will not be dropping you but looking forward to new things as you learn them. The photo in this post is awesome. AND your header photo is beautiful!


  9. Oh Foxy we would not think of not following your bloggie! Remember that we come to see YOU! When you post about what is going on it does not have to include shootouts and car chases. We want to see how you are doing and normal kitty things like snagging a bit of noms or sleeping aaalllll day! You will get comfy with posting over time. It took us a year or so to get into the swing of blog life and I am sure you will have plenty of posts that are fun and wild. We have settled into a 3 day a week blog and that fits us. You will find a way to post that fits you.
    For comments we used to try and visit all our furends a couple times a week but Dad cannot type as much due to his shoulder. Dont think we forgot you. We still have plenty of furends and visitors who understand and you do too
    What a great pawty we had! See you at scouts
    Purrs Foxy
    Your pal
    Timmy T

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