Cat Scouts

Let me tell you a little about an adventure I was a part of with the Cat Scouts yesterday.  Now I know most of you are, if not a member, at least familiar with the Cat Scouts.  It’s a great organization and a lot of fun.  I am still only a Tenderpaw.  I still have fun but I hope to raise in rank at some point.

Yesterday we went up to the North Pole to meet Santa Paws and his helpers.  And some of the Scouts actually helped the elves with the making of the toys.  Me, I was more interested in having fun.  But I did manage to sit in Santa’s lap and let him know what me and Daddy wanted for Christmas.  I also got a chance to feed the reindeer.  It was a great trip.  But unfortunately I missed the second half of the trip.  After Daddy and I had lunch, he fell asleep and was not able to help me play anymore.  Daddy suffers from, among other things, sleep apnea.  So sometimes he sleeps at odd times of the day.  So I can only assume that my fellow Cat Scouts carried me back to the plane for the trip home,and didn’t leave me there, since here I am.  My friends in the Scouts have been great to me.  Always helping.  Since Daddy can’t manage to learn the photo editing programs, there were a couple of Scouts that provided us with pictures I could use for the trip.

Playtime 1 Playtime 2 Sleeptime after playtime

There pictures are from last summer.  As you can see I was playing, and then decided it was time for my nap.  Daddy was having fun with his camera.  He also managed to capture a video, but not sure how to post it here.  I will figure it out at some point.  And then I will post it.  The big mousie was a gift from one of Daddy’s friends that has five kitties.  They wanted to share some of their stuff with me.  That’s it for now, I will see you around.

With Love, Foxy


9 thoughts on “Cat Scouts

  1. Morning Foxy, my furrend & fellow Cat Scout. The blog’s looking good. ,,,,,,,,,Yea Foxy’s Daddy. The Scouts never leave another Scout behind. There’s a picture showing everyone leaving for home. So glad you had a good time with Santa and his reindeer.


    1. Morning yourself Charles…. It’s just a matter of jumping into it. Not sure we can explain how we got things running. That’s probably why Daddy can never figure out the editing programs. I think you should try, though.


  2. Hi Foxy! Great photos of you and your giant scratcher mousie! I’m so happy you made it for the trip yesterday. Imagine – we got to meet Santa Paws! One thing about Scouts – everybody sticks together and helps each other out when we can. That’s why it’s so SPECIAL!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Yep Foxy dat wuz a pawsum twip wusn’t it. We had so much fun. Ifin yous wanna post a video, yous hav to put it up on first. It’s furee to hav an account and post yous video, and then yous just add it to yous bloggy fwum da same place as da fotos.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  4. Hi Foxy, I am glad you made the trip ok. I did but only cos others gave me a lift. Mum was no help at all. She had men around banging holes in the wall!! I’m glad I wasn’t there mol. We did have fun though!!


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